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If you’re looking for convenient accommodation to suit your lifestyle, Hive is for you. Discover your Hive and find the community, convenience and comfort you deserve.

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Co-Living for Young Professionals

Life’s busy enough without lugging furniture around with you every time you move.

Hive’s Co-living properties simplify life so you can focus on the more important things.

When you arrive at your Hive Co-Living property you’ll find your secure, fully furnished room contains everything you need from bed, to storage, to WIFI all ready to go.

Just wheel in your suitcase, make your bed and you’re settled in.

At Hive, we build our properties from the ground up under our build-to-rent model, overseeing every aspect of design, layouts and furnishing to ensure the buildings are livable, loveable and facilitate the creation of engaged communities.

Our carefully designed common areas encourage interaction, connection and collaboration, making the connection and community we all crave a reality.

Community by design

You could choose a box to live in, it's empty, it's dull and it's just you there.

Or, you could chose a Hive. I'ts furnished, it's bright and it's designed for community.

We've made our co-living buildings friendly, interactive and full of life. Common facilities encourage interaction and networking between residents while cosy rooms allow you the privacy and space to unwind.

What you deserve, not just what you need:

  • Affordable - spend less on housing and more on smashed avo... or should it be the other way around??
  • Join an awesome community
  • Curated locations, designed to suit your lifestyle
  • Utilities included - no more surprise electricity or internet bills!
  • Fully furnished and equipped. Just bring your sheets and luggage!
  • Fully maintained with yard maintenance and common area cleaning all handled

A Google reviewer

Very clean, very nice and most importantly very affordable rooms. Stayed there for almost 12 months and never had any issues.

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