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Maximise your returns with Hive

Why develop with Hive?

Experts in Build-to-Rent

As a development partner, we’ll help you avoid the pitfalls, save money during the build and produce a property that is incredibly appealing to the rental market.

Bespoke Return Strategy

We’ll develop a personalised strategy that will maximise your return on your investment; whether you’re completing your first investment property, or manage a large SMSF.

Clients of All Shapes & Sizes

From block split’s to large-scale developments, our team will support the development process with our expertise and knowledge of the South East Queensland market.

Why lease with Hive?

Systemised Management

We’ve systemised our management processes to ensure our clients and their tenants get the most consistent, quality service possible.

Marketing Presence

Our marketing presence and consistent branding is held with high regard and our reputation among our tenants is second to none.

Tenant Management

Thorough arrears management processes, tenancy vetting and reporting procedures ensure your property is in safe hands.

About Hive

Hive is a property management and development consulting company specialising in build-to-rent properties. We seek to inform the development process with management learning’s around the completed products rental demand, efficient design, value lead product decisions and utility metering systems to ensure your property is built from the ground up to minimise maintenance expenses and outgoings for years to come.

This focus is what sets us apart from most developers, builders and architects who tend to operate on a build-and-sell approach, where completion costs are all too often the only metric considered. Let our experience in build-to-rent generate you superior returns for your investment.

Our target tenants

Our specialisation within the build-to-rent space focuses on young professionals, university customers, and renting couples. Our focus on this sector has seen us acquire considerable knowledge over many years servicing the vertical, which directly translates to higher returns, higher occupation rates and lower maintenance costs for our clients.

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A Google reviewer

As an owner of multiple properties under management, my experience tells me that you cannot look past the professional service that 'Hive' provide. Others who call themselves market leader's are absolutely NO comparison, do yourself a favour give the Team at Hive a call. They care about the tenant's and delivering to the owners of investment property.

Your questions, answered

Is there a required bond payment and how much is it?

Yes there is a required bond payment, it is equal to 4 weeks rent. This money is held until you vacate your Hive property. It is returned in full minus any amounts you may owe to Hive Student Accommodation, this may include unpaid rent or damages.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time that you are allowed to stay at Hive?

You can stay at Hive as long as you are studying. Hive offers leases ending in June/July or Jan/Feb to coincide the the beginning of each semester. You can also choose to renew the lease if you would like.

Do I have to be a student in order to live at Hive?

No, Hive rents to a range of demographics with most customers being both domestic & international students as well as young professionals and working holiday makers.

Are all the utilities and internet included in the rent?

Most of our rental rates are inclusive of Wi-Fi Internet, Water, Gas/Electricity and cleaning of common areas. However some properties have an additional utilities fee and some others have sub-metered utilities.

Is there a chance that my rent may increase?

Your rental amount will not increase during the term of your lease. Rental amounts may be reevaluated each year depending on cost increases to provide our services. We work hard to keep costs down for our customers as mucha s possible.

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