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Safe, secure accommodation at an affordable rate so you have more money in your back pocket to enjoy life.

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Our approach

Hive Property specialises in the management of Purpose-Built Rooming Accommodation throughout South East Queensland. Our properties are strategically located close to employment hubs, medical education facilities, universities and colleges to ensure that our customers who live there have access to a great lifestyle and convenience at an affordable rate. We manage everything from Studio apartments to large-scale purpose built developments (you’ve probably seen the signs up around town), but what makes us different is our approach to management.

How we began

Hive started with a very modest goal; to provide a consistent and reliable service to both tenants and owners of build-to-rent accommodation, a niche we felt was incredibly under-serviced. We are tenants ourselves, and know all too well the challenges our customers face. Living on a budget can sometimes mean having to decide whether it’s two minute noodles or that road trip up the coast with friends. FOMO is a real thing!

That’s why what we offer our customers is so simple:

Safe, secure accommodation at an affordable rate so you have more money in your back pocket to enjoy life.

Investing with Hive

We've acquired considerable knowledge over many years managing developments and completed properties, which directly translates to higher returns, higher occupation rates and lower maintenance costs for our clients. Learn how you can host or invest with Hive.

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A Google reviewer

I'm now staying at my second Hive property, and can honestly say they are genuine and professional. I always recommend Hive to my friends.

Your questions, answered

Is there a required bond payment and how much is it?

Yes there is a required bond payment, it is equal to 4 weeks rent. This money is held until you vacate your Hive property. It is returned in full minus any amounts you may owe to Hive Property, this may include unpaid rent or damages.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time that you are allowed to stay at Hive?

You can stay at Hive as long as you like. Hive offers leases ending in June/July or Jan/Feb. You can also choose to renew the lease if you would like.

Do I have to be a student in order to live with Hive?

You do not need to be a student to rent with Hive. We have a range of properties available to suit both students & working professionals.

Are all the utilities and internet included in the rent?

Yes all rental rates are inclusive of Wi-Fi Internet, Water, Gas/Electricity and cleaning of common areas.

Is there a chance that my rent may increase?

Your rental amount will not increase during the term of your lease. Rental amounts may be reevaluated each year depending on the market.

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