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About Fortitude Valley

Brisbane’s world famous entertainment precinct. Here you’ll find more Bands on the Stages, More DJ’s in the clubs and more Michelin Stars given to restaurants than anywhere else in Queensland. The nightlife and lifestyle convenience are two of the biggest draw cards for this area of Brisbane, as well as its’ close neighbour – Spring Hill. Urban Legend says that no-one really knows where Fortitude Valley ends and Spring Hill begins. The two suburbs, located 1.6km North of Brisbane CBD are filled with artisanal stores and markets and small businesses throughout. Both professionals and students from just about every Brisbane university campus choose to make their home the cultural mecca that is fondly referred to by locals as “The Valley”.


The Valley is not for the faint hearted. It is a busy, 100-miles-per-hour multicultural metropolis of activity. If you love the idea of there being always something to do at any moment of the day or night – this is the place for you. Nightclubs, Bars and Restaurants catering to every taste, style and price point imaginable will be at your doorstep, as well as a range of music and performance venues to explore niche and emerging artistry. Alternative lifestyle, freedom of self and counterculture is the norm in The Valley. So whether you’re LGBTQ, Vegan or just like to do your own thing, you’ll find like-minded individuals within this community. With the abundance of hospitality comes an abundance of student employment, and dropping in your resume to a venue can often get you an interview.  Note that having your RSA and/or a barista Certificate will definitely give you a leg up.

Things to do

  • The Valley Mall – Home to markets, bars and clubs alike – the time of day is the best indicator for what will be open.
  • Chinatown – AMAZING Food. It could take months of dining experiences just to get through this part of the many places to eat. Most places have student friendly pricing, but Superbowl is the king of cheap feeds
  • Laneway, Valley Fiesta & Brisbane Festival are among the many Music & Arts Festivals that take place here.
  • Student nights tend to take place every night of the week in one venue or another, Sundays and Monday’s are particularly great, mind you.

Location & Transport

Fortitude Valley’s proximity to the City means buses, trains and airplanes (ok maybe not the last one) come every few minutes. Having a Go-Card is a must, as you’ll be hard pressed to get around easily without one. Most residents don’t own a car – so if you left the whip at home, or maybe never got around to upgrading those L’s to P’s, you won’t find yourself high and dry in this part of town.

  • The Airtrain departs Fortitude Valley Station for Brisbane International and Domestic Airports every day and frequently too.
  • Many International Colleges in the local area for completing your IELTS certifications before starting Uni.
  • Trains will be your best bet for longer journeys, and buses are great for the shorter ones.
  • 10 minutes’ walk to Gardens Point QUT.
  • 10 minutes to Kelvin Grove QUT on the Bus.
  • Don’t underestimate peak hour when considering an Uber or Taxi.

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